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    Its fast and furious and available here in Inverness! There are junior and senior league teams and so no matter what your age if you are looking for a new challenge, why not give it a go!
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    At Inverness Ice Centre public skating sessions are available all year round. We have over 300 pairs of skates available in a wide range of sizes to suit the smallest of feet to the largest! Please check out our 'Skating Timetable' for the latest information.
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    Thought to have been invented in the 16th century the sport has come a long way. Firmly established as a winter Olympic sport its popularity has flourished with all ages taking a keen interest in this tactical team sport.
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Latest IIC news


MacDonald wins Scottish Mixed

Ewan MacDonald retains the Scottish Mixed Championship. Congratulations to the rink of Ewan MacDonald, Eve Muirhead, Euan Byers & Karen Barthelemy who defeated David Mundell, Sarah Reid, David Reid & Fiona Steele in the final of the Scottish Mixed Championship 2013.


ewan-macdonald-scottish-mixedPictured right, Scottish Mixed Championship 2013 Winners (L-R): Eve Muirhead, Steven Burnett (Chairman Curl Aberdeen), Ewan MacDonald, Ewan Byers, Karen Barthelemy and Albert Middler (representing RCCC).

The 20 rinks started the competition and 8 Qualified for the quarter finals these took place at Curl Aberdeen 31 March. The ice was good with a small swing.

The first semi-final saw Ewan MacDonald play Adrian White. The teams exchanged singles until MacDonald scored a 4 in the seventh end to go 7 – 3 up and the game was conceded. In the other semi, David Mundell played Murray Young. With 2 blank ends, a single in the second and steels of singles in the 4th and 5th ends Mundell had a 3 – 0 lead going into the 6 end. Murray took 1 in the 6th and stole 1 in the 7th to go into the final end 3 – 2 down. Mundell scored 1 in the 8th to win 4 – 2.

In the final MacDonald took full advantage of last stone advantage and scored a 3 in the first end. In the second end with good defensive play from MacDonald and Mundell's last stone over curling, MacDonald stole a 1for a 4 – 0 lead after 2 ends. Third end and again great defensive play from MacDonald and Mundell was forced to take a 1. End 4 and aggressive play from both teams saw lots of stone in play, MacDonald played a superb last stone, sacrificing one of his own stones to double 2 of Mundell's to score a 2 and a 6 – 1 lead after 4 ends. In end 5 again defensive play from MacDonald saw Mundell try a clearance to blank the end but his last stone stayed to score a 1. End 6 and again aggressive play from both teams with plenty stone in play and Mundell lying 2 which MacDonald tried to double with his last stone but failed and left Mundell with a single. Into the seventh with MacDonald leading 6 – 3, Mundell came on the attack and MacDonald defended well, last stone to be played and with Mundell lying shot and 1 MacDonald stone in the house Mundell played a guard which MacDonald answered with a perfect run back double to leave his stone lying for the single and a 7 – 3 lead. Mundell conceded the game.

In the Final MacDonald dominated the game against Mundell starting off with a three in end one which set up the victory 7 – 3 after seven ends.

Thanks to all at Curl Aberdeen for a very well run weekend.




Try Curling

Tuesday 8th January - 5.25pm - 6.45pm 
Tuesday 15th January - 5.25pm - 6.45pm 
Tuesday 22nd January - 5.25pm - 6.45pm 
Tuesday 29th January - 5.25pm - 6.45pm 

Sessions are priced at just £5 each for adults & £3 for juniors!

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Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey

Hustle, hit and never quit!  Some say 'it's the coolest sport in the whole world!'  Are you looking for something new... something thats fast and furious? 

For more details on Ice Hockey please contact Julie Innes - Tel; 07917816939