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Board of Directors


The directors of Inverness Ice Centre Ltd act in a voluntary capacity on behalf of the members of IIC Ltd. 

Tom Pendreigh - Chairman

Michael Green - Vice Chairman

James McIlwraith - Maintenance & Operations Committee

Ewan MacDonald - Marketing Committee

Andy Robb

Neil Gallacher


Note to members:  Should you have any questions or would like to raise an issue with any of the sub-commitee's

please email: and your enquiry wil be forwarded directly to the 'Chair person' of the relevant committee.

Finance Committee - Chair - Tom Pendreigh

Stuart MacDonald, Dean Clark, Jane Fraser

Ice Committee - Chair - Andy Robb

Keith Petrie, James McIlwraith, Neil Gallacher, Mike Green

Maintenance Committee - Chair -  James McIlwraith

Keith Petrie, Kevin Watson, Morven Bruce, Neil Gallacher

Events Committee - Chair - Mike Green

Jane Fraser, Andy Robb, Heather MacLennan, Brenda McIntyre

Legal & H.R. - Chair - John Smart

Moira Clark

Social Media & P.R.

Kevin Mackenzie