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Wheelchair Curling


'Whats it all about...'

Wheelchair Curling is for people with a mobility impairment and where the game is virtually played the same as regular curlers. The games are played with the same stones and on the same ice the only difference is that there is no sweeping allowed.

The principals are the same where players slide a stone down the ice and the aim is for the stone to stop as close to the centre of the 'house' as possible.

'Who qualifies...'

Wheelchair Curling is open to any individual with significant impairment in lower leg/gait function, who usually require a wheelchair for daily mobility. More specifically, those who are non ambulant or can walk only short distances.

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'Where it all began...'

It all began in the late 1990's in Europe and in 2002 the first World Wheelchair Curling Championships were held. It was at the 2006 Winter Paralympics that Wheelchair Curling was recognised as a full medal sport. Wheelchair curling is now practiced in no less than 24 countries worldwide.

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'Wheelchair Curling Inverness...'

The Highland Wheelchair Curling Club was formed in 2004 and its members come together every Tuesday at the rink. The session runs from 1.30pm - 3.30pm and all they would like to extend a warm welcome to anyone whatever your age who may be interested in coming along.

'Who to contact...'

Miss Mo Simpson
Highland Wheelchair Curling Club Secretary
70 Miller Road
Inshes Park

Tel: 01463 716227

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