2021 Dr John Bonspiel

Ross & Cromarty Province held their annual “Dr John” Bonspiel last Friday (26 November). This bonspiel was traditionally held on a Saturday but with a reduced number of teams it was moved to Friday evening. The Bonspiel started at 6:15pm and the teams played two 6 end sessions. There was a half hour break between sessions with stovies served at the end of the curling. It was a very enjoyable evening and this format may well suit clubs or Provinces looking to run smaller Bonspiels. 2021 Dr John Bonspiel winners, BelmaduthyThe Bonspiel was won by Belmaduthy with Iain Fraser (Skip), Brenda Macintyre,…

Online booking for public skating sessions

Probably the most common question we get asked on the phone is “Can I book for the Public Skating Sessions in advance and how much does it cost?” Up till now, we’ve always had to say, “Sorry, we don’t have a booking system in place, you just need to turn up on the day and take your chances” But, no more. We now have an online booking and payment system for our Public Skating sessions up and running. Starting with the session this Sunday, December 5th, you can now book your admission tickets, skate hire and even Penguins in advance,…

Curling Resource Pack for Primary Schools

Scottish Curling are thrilled to announce the launch of a brand new Curling Resource Pack for Primary Schools.   Full details are on the Scottish Curling website